The Destination Defined and Re-defined.

The byFaith Journey – Part 5

Fuelled by the clear confirmation, the years that followed were a time of active preparation. I can see that in hindsight now. At that point, I was working with the expectation that the dream ‘design destination’ would arrive soon. Little did I realise that ‘soon’ was another 5 year wait! Statutory formalities were completed, licences for import and export were obtained, the team had grown and byFaith was all set to rock the world!! But it wasn’t time. So, we went ahead and expanded business to the best we could in the way we could. We acquired storage space and then filled up that space with goodies designed in house and imported.

It was still rehearsal time before the show. So, pop up stalls were the outlets. Packing cars like caravans (my dear friends would pitch in) and we’d have a gift packed convoy heading to various venues for sale.

Around that time, there was a sense that the ‘design destination’ would have another brand name under byFaith. The company would always be byFaith, but the brand name would have to be something that described what the place was about. Something that spoke of the intent. Something that would make this world a lovelier, happier, sweeter place.

Kindness and thoughtfulness are powerful words in my dictionary. The sweet essence of love is thoughtfulness. A conscious choice to pause and ponder. Ponder the way we express ourselves, the manner in which we’d chose to do so and also ponder the gifts we have within. And so after much ‘thought’… the dream design destination was christened four years back! ‘be Thoughtful’ A place where you could buy a gift, make a gift and explore your gifting. Sooo exciting! I couldn’t wait. In 2011 the design for the logo and signage was done and ready!

But the destination wasn’t ready as yet…. Or maybe I wasn’t?