Be Thoughtful

Be Thoughtful

Be Thoughtful : A byFaith designz Enterprise

Be Thoughtful houses the byFaith designz office, gift store, art and craft supplies store, a workshop with a gallery and an Honour Café.

Be Thoughtful comprises of five parts: The gift store, a design studio, an art and craft supplies section, a workshop and the Honor Cafe.

  • Buy a gift (designed or curated by us)
  • Make a gift with the art and craft supplies
  • Get custom designs and creative consultancy services
  • Learn something new or upskill at the workshop
  • Feast yourself on home-baked goodness!

Buy a gift. Make a gift. Explore your gifting.



Gift Store

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The Gift Store

The gift store features products primarily designed by us along with products curated by us. We have a wide array of gifts, with new designs and products introduced every month!

The gifts range include stationary, home decor, hand crafted products, personal care products, plants, souvenirs, toys and more.

Gifts can be bought off the shelf, or made to order, personalised for individuals, small groups and even large corporates. We also custom make gift hampers to suit any budget.

The gift store’s highlight is our gift wrapping station. Here, gifts are wrapped (even if they are not bought in store!). One can pick from different levels of gift wrapping: simple, stylish and sophisticated.

Gift Store

The creative life

Design Studio

The byFaithdesignz studio is the core of Be Thoughtful. Here’s where products are designed and even personalised. The studio also offers consultancy and design services for individuals and corporates.
Art & Craft Supplies

Create something new

Art and Craft Supplies

The art and craft supplies section features supplies for
Fine art : acrylic, watercolor, sketching, paper, canvas
Threadwork : Needles, wool, skeins, stitch kits, fabric
Craft : Paper, scrapbooks, embellishments, faux flowers DIY Kits

Explore your gifting


All workshops are for individuals and also available on request for groups (team meets, friends, family, celebrations etc).
Enroll or enquire by filling the form below.

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    Honor Cafe

    Be sweet

    Honor Cafe

    The Honor Cafe is the heart of ‘Be Thoughtful. A space where you can enjoy home baked goodies from cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, chocolate fudge to hot chocolate, coffee and tea… the menu isn’t fixed and you’ll find it changes with the season. (However, the popular chocolate fudge, banana loaf and rich chocolate cake are permanent residents on the menu!). Guests are welcome to pick what they would like to have, priced marked at the cafe are indicative prices. The payment follows the honor system, where the guests place the money in a box at the cafe! Board games and books are available to make your time more enjoyable.

    The Honor Cafe has also been a space for celebrations. We call it the ‘Honor Cafe Experience’. From Birthdays, anniversaries and even proposals… we’ve hosted special times here. The Honor Cafe experience includes personalised decor and gifts.

    We also host baking workshops at the Honor Cafe. Workshops are for individuals and also available on request for groups (team meets, friends, family, celebrations etc)