“The Arrival.”

The byFaith Journey – Part 7

The ‘design destination’ had taken shape , on paper. All these years of thinking and dreaming now translated into one consolidated B plan. “Be Thoughtful – The fun, gift, art and design destination for the family!”
A gift store, an art and craft supplies store, a space for workshops, a café and a design centre – all packed into one place.

The plan was done and re-done and I think even overdone! It was thought over, mulled over, dissected and disserted.

The search for a place began all over again. After a couple of months, I wondered if my resurrected dream for this year was just the course at IIM or would the ‘destination’ arrive? While I continued calling every ‘for Rent’ number… I also wondered if I should be patient and wait. Sighhh….. w-a-i-t…. again? And as I said that, standing outside a Blue Dart office after couriering a parcel, I turned around … and another ‘for Rent’ sign catches my eye. I think… should I or shouldn’t I, again? And then decided – I’ve made so many calls, no harm in one more.

A phone call and a few days later, I land up at the place, walk up a flight of stairs, through an open door… and guess what? The moment I stepped in and saw each room, the consolidated B plan fit like a glove. Like the place was meant for the plan! Each room just the right size and with that warm feel I envisioned. I run the checklist in my head and I could tick it all – commercial authorizations, documents available, zonal regulations, facilities… all there. Too good to be true?

But isn’t that how it is, with God. Because it’s too good He makes it true! In His time.

A few ‘coincidences’ helped make it an easier, definite and quick decision. (I’ll save the coincidence stories for another post). Before I knew it, the Agreement was signed and the keys were handed over. Keys to another resurrected dream. Keys that unlocked all the hopes of these years and the miracles that were in store. Keys that opened my mind and heart to a whole new season. Keys that untied boxes of stored wishes. Keys that released all those questions even without answers. And I’m not just referring to the bunch of metal, but to the keys of faith, hope and love.

So, here we are, at ‘be Thoughtful’ in a tangible, it’s so-good-to-be-true form. A sweet, happy place. A place where I hope every heart that walks in finds a renewal. A renewal of their dreams. A renewal of joy. A renewal of all things bright and beautiful. A renewal of the fact that thoughtfulness counts. For in the end, its faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love…

Ps: We have arrived. For now. And I realise this is just one destination. We look forward to more. We keep journeying. One dream at a time. One destination at a time. With hope. With courage.
The future holds the finest. For all of us. Always.

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    Glady A. Joy Vivilia

    Hello Sissy, I’m so glad and very much excited about your page , activities, dreams , passion , spiritual etc… Coz God showed you to me at the correct time. I was so inspired seeing your testimony in YouTube, then was so excited to follow you in your website, Instagram page and Facebook as well. I saw my vision that God showed me the same when I saw yours ! I was actually making book marks few days back then suddenly my friend send a you tube link and that’s how I came to know about you. This really gave me a new start where I can use my talents for God and say everyone through this that He loves everyone unconditionally. My heartfelt thanks to you Sissy.. I’m very blessed Blessed seeing your testimony at the right time. If God permits , I love to work with you , God bless you abundantly 😇🙏

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