Searching places. Seeking answers.

The byFaith Journey – Part 3

Reading card after card, looking at curios and knick-knacks in gift shops was my best unwind and ‘happy time’. It made the world seem like a loving, kind and thoughtful place.

Travel widens your horizon, they say. It widened my dream for sure. Each time I travelled, I’d find myself drawn to pretty, quaint gift shops again – my happy place. And each time – yes, each and every time I’d wander into a store, my mind would wander into my dreamland – of the byFaith ‘Design Destination’ that would someday come to be. And, oh how I wanted it to happen. Soon.

Month after month, year after year I’d look out for every ‘For Rent’ sign. It was a hazard while driving. Really. I was dangerous! I’d be so easily distracted on seeing a sign. I’d pull up, note down the number and make that call. Somehow, something wouldn’t work out. Either the rental was too high, the place didn’t have the required documents, the sanctions weren’t okay… and agents began rolling their eyes as if to say, “How will you ever find a place.”

It had been five years of searching and I came to that point of seeking. I was seeking direction. Not from man. But from the One who I believed had brought byFaith to life. So after the many disappointments, the child in me woke up one Sunday morning (6, June 2010 to be precise) and I prayed a prayer I had never prayed before or after. It was more of a tantrum-like-demand than a prayer. But the sweet Father that we have, listened.