Somewhere in my youth and childhood

The byFaith Journey… so far – Part 1

Let’s start at the very beginning… I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start!

Paints, inks, yarn, brushes, glitter, skeins, fabric, paper, sequins, beads….. I could go on and on about a ‘few’ of my favourite things. My happy childhood memories are full of these – all things bright and beautiful.

Words, paper, inspirational quotes, verses, cards, gifts, pictures… my list of favourite things grew up along with me! Here I was in my second year of study at college, thinking about what I was made for and what that meant for me to do. I believe that each one of us is designed for a purpose. Our greatest joy and fulfilment lies in living that design. I realised that the very things that delight us, are where our purpose and destinies are revealed.

After much thought and prayer, I was convinced that I was to use my gifting to ‘bless, encourage and inspire people’. However, I was also convinced that this wasn’t about ‘me’. And right there, smack in the middle of college life – byFaith designz came to life. A company that I believed would be a channel of creativity. A channel whose source would be the Creator Himself. A channel that would grow beyond my capacity, to include so much more, in a way that wasn’t humanly possible. And so it had to be ‘byFaith’.

“The Entrée”

Combine words, design, paper, print with a dash of colour and…ta daaa – I had the recipe for the first product – bookmarks!

Bookmarks to stickers to cards to custom designed gifts, to creative consultancy to writing…. byFaith went from a teenager’s dream to a graduate’s full-time job. Actually, an over-time job would be more like it. Little did I realise that this was just the appetiser of things to come…

The grand 5 course entrepreneurial journey of seamless working hours from day to night, day dreaming from one year to the next, business plans evolving from a pop up stall to a design destination… and those moments of “We can change the world! to…. How in the world am I going to do this!!?”